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Bocuse d'Or Hungarian Selection

8th FEBRUARY 2018

Here you can find the Hungarian Bocuse d'Or Academy's official announcement about the competition.

The Bocuse d’Or Hungarian Selection took place on the second day of the exhibition. The gastronomic show provided opportunity to the professionals to meet the best chefs of the country. On the prestigious competition the best six chefs of the pre-selection were competing each other. Competitors were preparing a vegetarian and a meat dishes with a sauce and two garnishes each. The dishes were presented in 10+4 portions. The mandatory vegetarian materials were risotto rice, quail and Gorgonzola. Also a vegetable and a spice was required for this dish, that was drawn by the Hungarian Bocuse d'Or Academy. Obligatory materials of the meat dish were veal tenderloin, veal knuckle and the marrow. By the end of the competition it turned out that Ádám POHNER win the opportunity to represent Hungary in Turin at Bocuse d'Or European Final. It is a special pride for Hungary that Tamás SZÉLL will be the chairman of the jury in Turin.



  •   I. place: Ádám POHNER, Richard CSILLAG
  •  II. place: István VOLENTER, Friderika SPEKOVA
  • III. place: István VERES, Dezső SZABÓ


  • Best kitchen work: Ádám POHNER
  • Best teamwork: István VOLENTER, Friderika SPEKOVA
  • Best vegetarian dish: István VERES
  • Best meat dish: István VOLENTER
  • Best commis: Friderika SPEKOVA


  • Richárd ELEK
  • Ádám GARAI
  • Zsolt HARASZTI
  • Ádám POHNER
  • István VERES
  • István VOLENTER