Bocuse d’Or Hungarian Selection

5 February 2020
Hall A – 10.00-18.00

Bocuse d’Or, also called the Olympics of Chefs, has been an integral part of Sirha Budapest since 2014. The Hungarian Final will take place on 5 February 2020, on the second day of the exhibition. Such famous chefs will compare their skills and knowledge in February as István Veres, Eszter Palágyi, Zsolt Haraszti, Gábor Csik, Tibor Huszár and Roland Kelemen.

The stake of the competition in 2020 is nothing less again than representing Hungary on the international stage, on European Final in Tallinn and the final in Lyon.


  • 9.00 The beginning of cooking
  • 13.30 The introduction of the jury
  • 14.00 The beginning of servings
  • 17.00 Award Ceremony


Fish theme – warm appetizer.

Required ingredients: Törley Chardonnay Brut, 6 whole trout and a surprise vegetable, which will be randomly selected from cabbage, beetroot, cauliflower, Jerusalem artichoke, brown champignon. Minimum 3 side dishes and 1 sauce must be prepared for the food.

Meat theme – hot main course.

Required ingredients: 7 quails including liver and heart and 2 duck livers. For this theme three side dishes are required, one of which contains quail eggs and the other two which contain only vegetables, seeds and cereals. Also two sauces are required using a bottle of red wine.

Truffles and caviar are forbidden in both dishes!

The organizers reserve the right to change the program!