Bocuse d’Or Europe

23-24 March

Budapest hosted the European finals of the world’s most prestigious cooking competition, the Bocuse d’Or, in 2016 for the first time. In the continental selection, the best chefs in Europe are competing in front of the 24-member jury, which decide who earns the right to represent Europe at the world grand finale in Lyon. The European selection is the most popular event in the qualifying series, from where most chefs can advance to the kitchens of the finale.

We are proud that in 2022, the ten countries to compete with the bests of the world will be selected at HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center, on Sirha Budapest! Once again, competitors will have 5 hours 35 minutes to prepare a meat and fish dish with pre-defined ingredients to prove to the international jury their talent, technical knowledge, and creativity.

The Bocuse d’Or Europe, in addition to putting Sirha Budapest in the spotlight of international attention, provides a great opportunity for Hungarian gastronomy to gain greater awareness on the international stage, as the participants will work with Hungarian ingredients during both the preparation and the competition, so the chefs, restaurant owners and gastronomic experts visiting the competition will get to know Sirha Budapest’s offer.

At the same time, the competition is an unparalleled forum for sharing experiences between nations, which is especially important in the current situation, since as Zoltán Hamvas, President of the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy, said: “The industry is more keen than ever to get together, cooperate, exchange ideas, and to give strength one another after such a challenging period.”

Obligatory ingredients of the platter theme: cottage cheese, venison, duck liver, sour cream

Obligatory ingredient of „Spring plate” theme: potato

Day 1

  • Poland (Jakub Kasprzak)
  • Estonia (Alexander Gureev)
  • Denmark (Brian Mark Hansen)
  • France (Naïs Pirollet)
  • Slovakia (Peter Duranský)
  • Switzerland (Christoph Hunziker)
  • Iceland (Sigurjón Bragi Geirsson)
  • Belgium (Sam Van Houcke)

Day 2

  • Finland (Johan Kurkela)
  • Spain (Rubén Amro)
  • Hungary (Bence Dalnoki)
  • The Netherlands (Kees Visser)
  • United-Kingdom (Ian Mugrave)
  • Latvia (Dinars Zvidrins)
  • Norway (Filip August Bendi)
  • Turkey (Emre Inanir)
  • Sweden (Jimmi Eriksson)