Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs

4 February 2020
Hall A – 10.00-16.00

Sirha Budapest is to host for the first time the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs national Young Chefs Competition.

The Chaine Association highly appretiates the top level gastronomy, which maintains its traditions, but even boldly takes innovations, while not forgetting the well-known Hungarian traditions in this field.

The aim of the Young Chefs Competition is to promote the principles of Sustainable Gastronomy, which values use of materials without waste, conscious waste selection, water and detergent savings, and clean, hygienic and systematic work at the same time.

By organizing the competition on a regular basis every year, the organizers is to help the young chefs working in Hungary achieve a higher standard in their daily work by preparing and gaining experience in the competition.
On the final at Sirha Budapest 6 bests young chefs will compete on 4th February 2020.

The competitors have to prepare alone a 3-course menu (cold or hot appetizer, main course with garnish, dessert) for 4 portion in 180 minutes using the ingredients of the on-site surprise box (black box).

The dishes will be evaluated according to the international scoring system by a 12 member jury.

The winner of the national competition will be eligible to enter the Jeunes Chef Rôtisseurs World Cup 2020, which will take place on 25th September 2020 in Paris, France.


– Réka Szegedi – Four Seasons
– István Akács – Olimpia Restaurant
– Huang Bao Shan – A KERT Bisztró
– István Jakab – Hotel Azúr
– Olivér Károcs – Hotel Silverine Lake Resort
– Levente Lendvai – Arany Kaviár Restaurant

Director of competition:

– Lázár Kovács, Conseiller Culinaire

Kitchen jury:

– Ráchel Raj
– Áron Barka
– Krisztián Rácz
– Dénes Sándor dr.

Tasting jury

– Szabina Szulló
– Csaba Ádám
– Ádám Barna
– Attila Bicsár
– Lajos Bíró
– Árpád Győrffy

The organizers reserve the right to change the program!